Nov 10 - Second Conference Day

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Yesterday we had 2 sessions (though the first one was interrupted by a hail/rainstorm), and today we had 3 more sessions, going from 9 am until 3 pm.

I was very exhausted when I got up this morning - not the best conditions for a long day ahead - and the first big issue coming up made me react in a less than ideal way. As can be expected, things don't always go as planned. Add to that tiredness... and I'm not a morning person anyway.

At 9 am we all prayed in the dining hall, before going outside to

start the meeting. Today the sun was shining bright, no cloud in sight, which was good, though it was pretty hot, all the rainwater evaporating in the heat.



Paul started off leading us in Bambara praise, and then I did a few French worship songs.


Gerhard came up next to do his third session for about an hour, followed by a 15-minute break.


To be continued.



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