April 5 - Remarkable Last Prayer Meeting

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Today it was time for our weekly prayer meeting, less than 24 hours before my departure. I  decided we needed some quality worship time, but also prayer for our country.

More street children than ever showed up, giving us the biggest prayer meeting crowd ever. We started with a time of praise and then worship, and had a really good time. After about 40 minutes I knew it was time we shifted towards intercession. I love the song "It's Time", as it's such a great song of intercession for the country. So I'd give them a subject to pray for, and everyone would pray aloud (African style) for that subject. Then I would close by singing one verse and the chorus of the song, followed by the next subject. So we prayed for the coup leader and elected president, for peace and the north. Then we came to the subject of the 3 million Malians who are going to starve if no aid gets to them, and because of the crisis the country is in, right now there is no aid being distributed anywhere, literally condemning those people to death.

We are started praying for this subject. I knelt down on the floor and the more I prayed the more my heart broke. I started sobbing and then crying louder and louder; I couldn't help it. All I could see was 3 MILLION (!) of our own people DYING - that's nearly a fourth of our population!!! I didn't care what everyone was thinking, but let God expect His grief through me, and the Holy Spirit His prayers expressed through me. Finally I was able to calm down, and got up. I wanted to pass on His heart to those present. I held on to the keyboard as I tried to speak, but for the longest time I was unable, and again and again tears would flow again and choke my words. Finally I started talking while still having a hard time, trying the make them realize the extent of the tragedy, of their brothers, sisters and parents being hungry right now and dying, and having no hope of finding food, and going straight to hell. I also told them to be thankful to have 3 meals a day (or 2 for the street kids) while others have nothing. I don't know whether I got through to anyone.

It was getting late, but I still wanted to do something important before leaving. I had all the street kids huddle in the middle, and our resident kids do a circle around them, holding hands. Paul and I were on the outside. I told our kids that they were a protective circle around the street kids, and Paul and I were around them. I charged our kids to even be willing to give their lives for these street kids, as they know the Lord while not all street kids do. And I told them that Paul and I would give our lives for our children. I then prayed a powerful prayer over the street kids and our kids, and laid hands on Paul to transfer my authority and pray for increase of wisdom and walking with God and hearing His voice, so he would be able to lead everything in accordance with God's will. It was a very powerful time. I'm thankful for the way this last prayer meeting went, and hope to united with them as planned in May.


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