April 6 - Update on Crisis in Mali

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Today's articles:

REUTERS: Mali's neighbours back junta exit plan

CNN: Mali coup leader agrees to return power

AFRIBONE: Un accord cadre-junte et Cédéao signé le 1er avril, dévoilé ce vendredi soir

REUTERS: Mali junta agrees power handover deal with neighbours

BBC: Mali coup leaders to step down as part of Ecowas deal


NY Times: For Rebels in Mali, Odds of Establishing a Nation are Slim


REUTERS: Mali junta says will hand over power to civilian leader


CNN: Mali rebels claim independent state in Sahara region

REUTERS: AU rejects Mali rebel independence call

REUTERS: Algeria cannot accept break-up of Mali - PM

AFRIBONE: Le sursaut ou la mort

AFRIBONE: Application des sanctions : La Juntes ur le départ ?

BBC: Tuareg rebels declare independence in north Mali

REUTERS: Mali rebels declare independence in north

NY Times: Mali Rebels Proclaim Independent State in North


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