April 3 - Update on Crisis in Mali

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What's new? Malians line up to get as much gas before it runs out. The Islamist faction conquered Timbuktu from the secular faction and wants to impose sharia law on all of Mali.


UN: Looting halts aid work in chaotic north

BBC: Mali's junta "may charge" President Touré with treason

DER STANDARD: Afrikanische Union beschloss Sanktionen

AFRIBONE : Tombouctou : les jihadistes confirment leur suprématie

REUTERS: U.S. says coup turmoil risks Mali's territorial integrity

REUTERS: African Union imposes sanctions on Mali's northern rebels

REUTERS: African Union slaps sanctions on Mali coup leaders

REUTERS: Malians stock up before anti-junta sanctions bite

NY Times: Mali Coup Leaders Face Sanctions and Concern Over Timbuktu

REUTERS: Malians queue for fuel as anti-junta sanctions begin

AFRIBONE: La CEDEAO décrète un embargo contre la junte

DER STANDARD: Islamisten vertreiben Tuareg aus Timbuktu


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