Coup d'Etat

So, there has been a military coup here in Mali, which 'started' Wednesday, March 21st. The military has taken control of the government and suspended the constitution and right now the President is in hiding. They've closed all of the gas stations and most of every other store until

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Flannelgraph Story

A few weeks ago, Claudia brought out a Betty Lukens Flannelgraph set she has had for a while and gave it to Mom and I so that we could get some stories together to do every week for the kids at the Saturday Service. I did one last week about Jonah, and then this week I did the story about Abraham and Issac. Last week was kind of a trial run and we had some adjustments in mind for this week. First of all we had the kids come and sit right in front of the board so they could all see it. And this week, I read the story while Mom put the pictures and characters on the board. Last week I had to pause every time I needed to add a character, and with Mom doing that it went sooo much smoother. I added a few pieces to the story this week that weren't on the list the book gives, but I think next week I'll get even more details for them. But the kids seem to love it already, they stayed sitting there just looking at the pictures even when Paul started his sermon. He had to tell them to go sit down (: And this week was really cool, because Paul's main sermon was about Faith, and Abraham & Issac was a perfect story of Faith. This is perfect, I love doing it and it gives the kids a good story lesson that's perfect for their little minds (well, even our older boys were watching intently:D.

The Book of African Experiences (:

This is going to be a note of just little stuff that happens every day but that's gotta go down in the Book of Africa Experiences (:

September 12, 2011-

Dad and I were coming back from a trip to the boutique and we were getting close to the little stream that all the ladies come to to wash pots and pans and kids (: When I looked ahead, there were a lady standing in the middle of the stream (this is the African part) without a shirt on. I mean, she didn't have anything on except her skirt, and she wasn't taking a bath at that moment or really doing anything, just standing there. lol.

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Kangaba (2nd time)

Today we had an awesome day swimming at Kangaba! This was Matthias's going-away treat to the kids, although he won't be leaving for another 3 weeks. So just about everybody went this time, except Mom who was sick the day before and wasn't feeling fully recovered today. We ate an early lunch and left pretty much right away afterwards. It only took us about half an hour to get there, despite the fact that Kangaba's tucked away by several typical African roads (full of bumps and ditches). We spent the whole afternoon there, and hunger was really the only thing that brought us and the kids home at 5:30. We had a ton of fun though. Some of them did flips that I got some good pics and video of. And then they were kicking a ball from one end, to the kids at the other end who would make a mad dive for it when it stopped in the water. Dad and I tried to get the ball so we could show them how to throw the ball in the air for someone to jump and catch. After we did, they showed us how un-amazing that really was lol. Then they started  throwing the ball up and kicking it in the air! It was really cool and I think those were some of the best pics I got of them. They also had fun pushing people into the deep end, and I got my share of surprises. Luckily though, I never got thrown in like some of the guys did. And no body got hurt, which was a plus (: Hama had a ton of fun just being in the water. He was seriously like a fish, when you took him out he practically flopped back in lol. So yeah, I think we all had a very good day, and everyone's going to sleep reeeeally well tonight for sure! (:

Malian Skirt :)

Two days ago Fanta took Mom and I to a clothes maker with a pan (length of material) that I'd bought in the market. One pan is enough to make me a full length, wrap around skirt, but not enough for a top too. That was fine though, because I really just wanted a skirt this time. When we got there, Fanta greeted him and had a little bit of conversation while Mimi got some pictures of the machines and materials. Then the owner brought out a dress that Fanta had ordered a few days before and was now finished. It was a gorgeous gold material, with stitched gold flowers, and they'd put an amazing fancy lime green stitching down both sides as well as around the collar. Then she gave him the material I'd brought along and told him what I wanted. He didn't take any measurements right away, but when I asked if he needed to he only took two. I guess the simple skirt I got didn't need more than that. Fanta wanted to take her dress and get the stitching stretched out by someone down the street, but Mom and I were still curious about the way that they made their fancy stitching with a special machine. So she took Jonathan and went to the other place while Mom and I watched the guy thread his machine. It's different from a regular sewing machine, but other than that I can't really describe it. It was really cool though, he made flowers and swirls and loops, and even spelled Mimi's name lol. I get a few pictures of him doing it on a scrap piece of material, and then the material when he was done. Then we left soon after, because Mimi's camera battery was dead lol.

Then today, Fanta took us back and we picked up my skirt. We had to wait for a short time for him to get it, but it was exciting stuff when I finally saw it (: I told him over and over again, 'a ka ni' (it's good) because it really was.  Now I can't wait to wear it on Saturday and show off my authentic Malian skirt (:


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