April 2 - Sanctions Going into Effect Immediately!!!

People are asking what that means. It means that soon there won't be any gas/diesel, the banks will run out of money, and then food will become scarce. City electricity and water will stop, as they are created by generators using gas. Let's pray the airport stays open for passengers!!!

Islamists have already been taking advantage of

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April 2 - Update on Crisis in Mali & our Water Situation

120402aThank God that our water pump that broke down yesterday morning - just hours before the sanctions were supposed to go into effect - was fixed this afternoon. We were able to buy some water yesterday and today, though the car had to go a distance since there was no water in the neighborhood.

It's about time I get better with blogs ahead; this has been an

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April 1 - Update on Crisis in Mali & Water Problem

120401aThis morning water suddenly stopped flowing - on a Sunday; and on the Sunday where the sanctions against Mali would go into effect at midnight. What timing?

Thank God they came to look at it, but couldn't fix it. We'll have to wait till

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March 30 - Update on Crisis in Mali

NY Times: Pressed on All Sides, Leader of Coup in Mali Digs In

REUTERS: Mali coup leader seeks help as rebels take towns

March 29 - Update on Crisis in Mali

REUTERS: Mali neighbors threaten border closure

BBC: Ecowas gives Mali leaders ultimatum to relinquish power

REUTERS: African leaders scrap Mali trip after runway invasion

BBC: Mali coup: West African leaders abandon visit


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