Claudia is certified personal fitness trainer & health coach. She specializes in helping overweight people regain their health by reducing weight, gaining fitness & finding healing in all areas, as she herself has lived through the process and is now uniquely prepared to help others, understanding exactly where they are at.

12Claudia2"I've been overweight ever since I can remember, and started dieting unsuccessfully early in my teen years. When I became a Christian, I knew I was loved the way I was and stopped dieting, not caring about my weight any more. In 2007 I started going deeper in my inner healing process, being set free from food-related issues, and that was the beginning of my weight loss process that has been slow, with many ups and downs, but has brought me to my lowest adult weight, and I'm not done yet. Today I eat healthy and love to exercise. In 2012 I felt God's calling to add the physical health aspect to my training to be able to help others more effectively, and I'm excited to see others regain their health as well."

Height: 163 cm 5'4
Highest measured weight:

97 kilos
(100 elsewhere once)

 214 lbs
Current weight: 77 kilos 170 lbs
Goal weight: 60 kilos 132 lbs

She offers personal training sessions tailored to your personal goals and needs. She leaves you with a training plan for you to follow on your own , and follows up with you every time she passes through your town.


Your training plan can either be tailored to a fitness center environment, or for you to do at home.

You can include inner healing sessions if you desire to go to the root of any eating issues and be set free from them.

First meeting - assessment and information gathering needed to tailor a training plan to you.
Second meeting - going through your personal training plan so you can do the exercises on your own and correctly.

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Sep 23-Oct 3 - Vienna, Austria
Oct 7-10 - Paris, France



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