Our Street Children

Over 450 children have come through our gates to spend the night and get fed.

01NuhumTall 02OumarBary 03KarimSidibe 04OusmaneBary 05MadouTraore 06BoubacarKone 07AmadouGuindo 08OumarDicko
 09OusmaneCisse  10BabouDiallo  11DramaneDembele  12AmadouDicko  13RobertTienu  14ModiboKeita  15AdamaDiakite  16BrahimaDiarra
17BrahimaKonate   18SoumailaSibi  19HousseniSidibe  20AbdoulayeSangare

H2TNI is a non-profit organization incor-
in Georgia, USA, with a 501(c)3
tax-exempt status. H2tNI is a part
of the
apostolic networks of Che
Ahn, Randy
Clark, and Bill Johnson.