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We need to raise up the ground level of our base so we can move on to the next building phase of building our workshops & businesses, which will initially be used as dorms and for our school. We need $36,400 to complete raising our ground level. Please mark your donation - whether big or small - with "building fund".  


Image: March 24, 2016




1006-constructionProperty Facts:

Located in Yirimadio, on the edge of the capital, on the road leading out of town to the east and north.

A poor neighborhood, without electricity, sewage system or city water.

A small hill to its very north, the ground is very rocky.

Size: 3020 sq.m. or 32,500 sq.ft. or
0.75 acres


1 Duplex for staff
2 Dining hall
3 Director's house
4 Carpenter
5 Tailor
6 Store
7 Bakery
8 Internet Café
9 Restaurant
10 Medical center with pharmacy
11 1st floor: Meeting hall & offices
2nd floor: School
3rd floor: Dorms for children


Well and watertower were completed in July 07, and after a five-week break because of lack of funds, work on the wall around the property was continued and completed in the beginning of Oct 07. The first house went up, and though unfinished, we moved into it on February 4th, 08. After a 6-week work stop for lack of finances, work was picked up again to finish our house which was completed in April 08. Work on the dining hall started immediately with the goal of having our services inside during rainy season, having another family move in, and allowing street children to spend the night on our property in safety. On June 11, 08, construction stopped for lack of funds, but was being picked up again in the last half of July to proceed for another two months. In August the roof was put up, and in September most doors and windows were put in. On September 12, 2008, the street kids started spending the night inside. After a pause, construction slowly started progressing again as funds were coming in one dollar at the time. In January 2009 the walls were plastered, and in June we were able to put the lights and fans in. In August we received the funds to finish the house. The first week of September the tiles were laid, and the bricks were ready for house #3 for the walls to come up. In September 2009 they were working on the foundation and walls for house #3 (number 1 on plan below). In October the dining hall was painted inside and out and finally finished. Construction on house #3 stopped end of September 2009, and after a 7-month-break was picked up again in April 2010. By the middle of May they finished raising the walls all the way up to roof level, and in June they finished the roof. Then they added the little room on top of the roof, and finished that part in the middle of July. Now we have to do the wiring and plumbing. At the end of January 2011 we continued working on the space between the first two houses and finished it in the beginning of February. From February to April 2011 we worked on the add-on apartment on top of the dining hall, and finished it the first week of May. Once it was done, the workers immediately continued work on the third house that had remained untouched for 9 months and worked until the end of June when money ran out again. In October work picked up again, finishing the electric installments and laying tiles. In November one guest room and one bathroom was finished to the point that it could be used by our visiting pastor. A month later - a week before Christmas 2011 - Claudia moved into the unfinished house.

Work only continued when Claudia and her husband of just over a year were caught in their burning house, which meant a lot of repairs and finally saw the house completed in May 2016, thanks to an outpouring of love and support from God's people. They were so encouraged that they were eager to continue the building process, believing for God to release the necessary funds.

(updated June 2016)



070803c070803dWe are currently looking for a new builder to be in charge of our next building phase.



BUILT - June 2007-Dec 2011, April-May 2016

Well & Water Tower 32,000 USD 23.000 EUR
Wall around Property (254m) 22,000 USD 15.700 EUR
Staff Housing - look at plan
watch construction: front - side/back
56,000 USD 38.400 EUR
Solar Power System 72,000 USD 53.000 EUR
Dining Hall - look at plan
watch construction: front/inside - side/back
48,500 USD 34.000 EUR
Dining Hall Add-on (apartment) 11,000 USD   9.000 EUR
More Staff Housing - look at plan 55,500 USD  49.200 EUR






BEING BUILT NOW – July 2016 until ?

Leveling of Ground 40,700 USD 36.100 EUR Provided: 3.800 EUR















Workshops & Businesses
128,000 USD 113.700 EUR

First floor (offices, church, medical center)
- look at plan

310,000 USD 275.000 EUR
Second floor (school) 197,000 USD 175.000 EUR
Third floor (dorms) 251,500 USD 223.000 EUR







Start: June 2007
Finish: ?



Estimated costs: $1.176,700 or 1,043.500

22,000 USD

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