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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Randy & Claudia Wilson

3 March 2019


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Monthly budget: $13,500 or 11.800€
Monthly support: $6,000 or 5.000€




In North America:

Make checks payable to Healing 2 The Nations Int'l (or H2TNI) and send them to:

Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 4342
Wichita, KS 67204


In Europe:

Account holder: Healing 2 The Nations International
Bank name: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT11 12000 100 017 396 21



Mailing address


Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 4342
Wichita, KS 67204


Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
Kendlerstraße 27/12
A-1140 Vienna




Mali: (+223) 6669 2004
USA: (706) 550 9987
AUT: (+43) (699) 1900 9169




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until March 25   Austria

March 10   CGNW, Vienna
March 14-16   Missions Conference, Wels
March 19   FCG Linz
March 23   FCG Lustenau

March 26-April 22    USA

March 26-29   Bellefontaine, MS
March 30- April 1
   Augusta, GA
April 2-10   Harrisburg, PA
April 10-13   Denver, CO
April 14-17   Bellefontaine, MS

April 19-25    Vienna, Austria

April 27-May 14   France

April 27-29   Paris
April 30   Epinay-sur-Seine (tbc)
May 2-4   Angoulême
May 5   La Rochelle (tbc)
May 8   Vallauris (tbc)
May 12   Saint Ioppie

May 16-19   Vienna, Austria

May 20-June 4   Quebec, Canada (tbc)

June 5-15   Vienna, Austria




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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
H2TNI is also a registered organization in Austria.


Randy & Claudia are part of the apostolic networks of Che Ahn, Alain Caron and Randy Clark.

Get ready, this is a newsletter full of good news... And don't miss our new family picture on the bottom!



The future workshops & businesses will serve as dorms and classrooms for our elementary school until the main building is built. With another $64,000 or 56.000€ we can finish it. If you'd like to contribute, please mark your donation with "building fund". Ways to donate on the left.



Our American volunteers Mary Beth and Clay have now been with us for a month, and we're thankful that they have decided to extend their stay by another month. Praise God! Not only that, Maja from Germany arrived a few days ago and is staying for 2 months. For years I have prayed for workers to be sent into the harvest, and while we had some people in the early days, it stopped abruptly when we had a military coup in 2012. I'm so thankful that God is raising up fearless sons and daughters who will come to Mali even when their governments does NOT recommend travel to Mali. Praise God! Please pray for them.

We're also excited about Nadia's return to Mali for one year later this year, possibly with another lady, and about the possibility of church teams coming. And when you hear each of their stories, it becomes clear that is has nothing to do with us, but that it was simply God calling them to come. We had not met a single one of the six volunteers we have had recently in person before they came!

Favor is the most precious commodity there is, favor with God makes all the difference, and He is the one who gives us favor with people as well. God's ways are so much higher than our ways, and sometimes we simply don't understand why things take so long that you think should have happened much earlier. It's a time of learning to simply trust Him, and that His timing is perfect.

Just over 6 months ago Becca Greenwood prophesied over us that in 6 months there would be breakthrough (paraphrased), and that we haven't seen anything yet. The time for fulfillment has come!



So many of you have been praying and believing with us. God gave Randy a vision of us having twins, and he has been holding on to that. We have both been holding on to the promise, even while the years passed, and I advanced more and more into the forties. It seemed less and less likely or possible. BUT GOD!

A few days ago, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. On that very day I found out that I'm pregnant. And there is a good chance it might be twins! I have started week 5 of the pregnancy. Our due date is November 6th. Please pray for us during these next few crucial months! We need your prayers, and so do our baby/babies!



A few months ago we were more in debt than ever and I wondered how we would ever get out of it again. BUT GOD! He did what seemed impossible and we are out of debt today! Praise Him! We thank all of our supporters from the bottom of our hearts because without you we could not do anything!

However, we do need more monthly supporters as less than half our budget comes in through regular donations. Already our surplus is dwindling, and we'd rather not end up again where we were a few months ago. And with the pregnancy and then a newborn, we won't be able to do as much itinerant ministry as we have been doing.



It's been so good to watch the walls of our 4th building come up these past few weeks. Praise God! It raises our faith to believe for the remaining 56.000€ or $64,000 to finish it. We're eager to have this building done, so Paul and his family can move back onto our base, and so we can start our elementary school.


Years ago we built a two-bedroom apartment on top of our multi-purpose hall where we house our visitors. We now have need for more rooms, especially with teams coming, and have drawn up plans to build another apartment (4 bedrooms) on the remaining space of that roof. I'm still waiting for the amount of what it will cost and will let you know next time. (The hand-drawn part to the right is the new apartment.)




  •        Spiritual Warfare - We need intercessors to hold us up in prayer! We have a closed Facebook group for our intercessors.
  •        First-Grade Teacher - We are still looking for a French-speaking first grade teacher to join our team next September. There is such a need for a good, Christian school where the children are treated with dignity and learn something. Many of our Muslim neighbors would send their children to our school. Please pray we'll find a teacher!
  •        Malian Director Paul - Paul's wife Rokia has been doing well with the treatment she is getting. Please pray for her complete healing.
  •        Security Situation - Mali is becoming more and more radicalized by jihadists. Also, the population is rising up against the government, still not accepting the president's election. Please pray for peace, and for protection from jihadists.
  •       Volunteers - Do you want to come change an orphan's life? Do you want to heal the sick? Preach the gospel to those who've never heard? Come to Mali for a season and let God change your life. No language skills needed, but French skills are helpful.


For You formed my innermost parts; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I will give thanks and praise to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:13-14a)


Loving HIM,

Claudia (& Randy)


February 2019
Standing from left: Randy, Claudia, Paul, Amadou, Hama, Yacouba, Fanta with Esther, Mary Beth, Clay
Sitting from left: Bakary, Moussa, Sarata, Jonathan , Hama

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